Story Pictures- I made a time lapse.

Scene (sort-of)

'The Birds' Movie Review

The Birds is a 1963 horror/suspense film which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This story was somewhat based on the story originally by Daphne du Maurier. Tippi Hedren stars in it, and the film is set in Bodega Bay by San Francisco, CA.

In short, this film told the story of Melanie Daniels, a young woman who travels to Bodega Bay via San Francisco to deliver lovebirds to an acquaintance named Mitch Brenner. But the longer Melanie stays, the stranger and scarier things get. Birds of all kinda began to attack people and became vicious, killing many and doing a sizable amount of damage to the town. As the birds become more malicious, it draws Melanie and Mitch closer together, along with Mitch’s family. Ultimately they must find a way out before the birds find a way in.

Personally, I thought this movie was a bit disappointing. The ending was really predictable and that made it dull to watch. It seems like this movie was a half-baked idea. There weren’t really any super-intriguing moments or surprises. Overall, the story could have used some working on and then it would have been a better film. I just felt like it wasn’t really worth it.

The Star Mile- Script

Ext. Night time
Girl 1
One day, I’m gonna go up
Girl 2
Why? Why would you want to
leave what we know to go
someplace we know nothing
Girl 1
Because I’m tired of waiting.
I know something else is out
there; I’m done hoping to reach
out and grasp it. I just need to
go. I need to know that this isn’t
all there is to life.
Girl 2
What if it is?
Girl 1
No… No, this can’t be it. All
I need now is a train to the
stars, to runaway on a
rocket ship to infinity… I need
to see the lights fade until
they’re gone; and then so am
I… I heard once that people
are made of the same stuff as
Girl 2
What does that mean?
Girl 1
That we live in the universe,
but it also lives in us.
It all makes me feel so
curiously whole… A part of me
is already up there. That’s my
home; where I belong.
Girl 2
So, when will you go?